quinta-feira, 9 de maio de 2013

My original choice, my final choice

Advertising Romwe 

"When you look the topic of the article, you may don’t know what I want to say. But now, I will tell you which is my choice absolutely---Romwe online shop.

Do you know the brand of Romwe? I think maybe you wear their clothes before.

However, do you wear the Romwe leggings before? I think if you are luck to have a Romwe leggings. You must be so happy. That mood is more difficult to understand. So I want to tell you that story---the Romwe leggings with me. You know now I have much to say. So I want to choose a example about Romwe leggings. Romwe Women's Dual-tone Faux Denim Main Cotton Leggings, actually, this is

my first time to buy leggings. I think I am very lucky because I get a high-quality leggings at the first. With the leggings there are some thing happing, I was impressed by a memory---that is a boy show his love to me.

The thing like that. One day, I wear the Romwe women’s dual-tone faux denim cotton leggings with a hello kitty long T-shirt. Most of my students say that I am very lively with that clothes. When I walk on a street, one handsome boy go with me. At the first, I think we are just go home at a same road line. Day by day, he always go with me. However, it’s raining a day, I don’t bring my umbrella, the boy share his with me. Also, he shares his love with me. I ask him why he love me, in fact, I am a common girl. His answer let me amazing. He says that he love girl who looks very clean. Also, he says that the special leggings are a good design. Actually, love is generated by bit by bit.

Until now, the handsome boy still is my boyfriend. Our love start from the Romwe leggings. Now, my boyfriend often chooses leggings for me on Romwe online shops."

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