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[EN] Charlie Banana Reusable Feminine Pad

Yesterday I made a post here on the blog talking about Charlie Banana Feminine Pads. I reached the brand to get some informations and they kindly asked me to write this post in English, as a review after using them.

So I'll try to resume a little bit my story, as I discovered this product. I have more than one instagram accounts, I have one related with this blog @alexandra_aragao, I have one with my work - illustrations - @halma_designs and other one @alexandra.aragao where I share my kind of hobbie with plants. I have two balconies and I tried to assemble a little herb garden/farm in them. Because of this I started talking with a women from other part of the country, that shares the same love for plants as I do. Later I discovered that she was the owner of a physical and online store name Ecological Kids, where she sells products for kids and mothers, that are eco friendly.

Nowadays everyone talks about plastic and its damage to the planet and about replacing the items we usually use made in plastic for others, like replacing plastic bags for paper bags. I guess this can generate another problem in the future. I think we need to think more about reusing products than replacing plastic for other materials. We really need a mind change. For example, in this particular case of bags, if we move from plastic to paper, which is a less resistant material, the demand for paper will begin to increase and there will be a deterioration of the environment in another way, it is a vicious cycle . Therefore, I think it is imperative that we change our consumption habits.

Continuing with the previous story, one day, talking with the owner of the shop Ecological Kids, I told her I was allergic to disposable feminine pads and I had exactly the same problem when I as a baby with disposable napies. I can tell you is not a cool feeling, I turn red, swollen, with itching and burning!! It is worse in summer, in hot days and specially on the end of the day. This made me use sometimes cloth towels, I even used some I had from when I was a baby to sleep but it isn't very comfortable and impossible to use during the day.

I already had seem some brands of reusable pads on the internet, there is even who handcraft them at home, but no one ever seemed very appealing to me, I was scared of having some sort of accident during the day with leaks and so...

The Ecological Kids' owner told me then she sells some reusable feminine cloth pads and that she regularly uses Charlie Banana's ones. She insisted me to try them. Charlie Banana is a brand mainly focused in selling nappies but they applied the same concept to feminine pads. I've been wanting to try these pads for about an year ago but never manage to go to the store untill now. The big deal is that they are a little bit of an investment... I had this idea since last Summer, now that the hot days are coming back I quickly was reminded about my problem... 😂😂😂
Os pensos Charlie Banana prometem ser confortáveis, facilidade na lavagem, resistentes a manchas, super absorção e ficarem no lugar o dia todo! 

I've read some reviews online and I have some fears, like they will be uncomfortable, too thick, too hot or that they do not stay in the place as we move all day! On the other hand, I can advance already that they look very nice, hey have the same size as the disposable ones I used and the fabric that stays in contact with the skin is super soft.

They have a stay dry  layer, an absorbent one in the middle and an impermeable layer  that stays in contact with the underwear. Before somebody asks, they aren't made in cotton. I made a little research and I concluded although cotton could be more healthier, it would stay moist and we would feel it all wet. Anyway, it would only be more healthier if the cotton was organic. Many people doesn't know but cotton fields are one of the crops that use more pesticides and herbicids, also it is frequently bleached to please the consumers with that white look everyone knows.

To keep them in place they close with two little snaps they stays under the underwear. These snaps are also usefull to keep them in place when folded, as they turn in a little usefull square to take on the bag or store at home.

These pads are all white in the inside in the outside (and flaps) they are available in plenty of options, for white and black to all sort of colorfull prints. I wanted them in white but there wasn't stock so I bought them in black and the print peony blossom. There are different prints available the EU site and in the rest of the world.

These pads always comes in packs of three and it includes an waterproof pouch to keep them. There is another pack (Combo) with four pads and it includes one of each size.  

There are four different sizes available (prices from Charlie Banana EU site):
Super + 23.99€ 
Super   22.99€  
Regular  19.99€    
Liner   18.99€  

Pack Combo (one of each size) 26.99€   

Comparative image of the Evax pads I usually wear - normal with flaps - and the Charlie Banana in regular size.

As advantages of using these pads:

- More environmentally friendly, you buy them only once, they are made to reuse
- They promise not to smell (which is a very annoying thing, especially when hot).I hate the disposable ones' smell, they smell bad even when we take them out of the package
- They promise to be more comfortable, after all, our skin stays in contact with a fabric and not with a plastic thing
- They promise to be more absorbent and leak free because they have a waterproof layer underneath
- They are much healthier alternative to conventional disposable hygiene products
- The cushions are easy to wash
- Free of allergies, many women are sensitive to the chemicals commonly found in disposable pads,

_ Eco-Friendly _ Economical _ Perfume Free _ Ideal for Athletes _ Very Soft _ Elegant _ Unbelievably stain resistant _ Registered FDA

In terms of disadvantages, I only see that they can be uncomfortable or thicker than I am used to, but I will try them soon and  hope to come back with a proper opinion.
In second place we have the problem of transport, when they get dirty and if we want to change it,  being not at home, they will have to be folded and putted inside the waterproof bag to bring them to wash at home or you can wash them in a washbasin, if you have some privacy to do itm squeeze well and only after that out them in the bag.
In third place, it's really having to wash them but I was used to do it sometimes after night with fabric towels.
At last, it's their price, it's a little of an investment but you only buy them once. I was told by someone she had hers for 11 years!

To clean is better to thoroughly rinse the sponge with tap water and place it in a washing bucket until it is ready to wash. Mostly sunny, with a few passing clouds. Use ecological detergent. Only half the amount is needed. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Hang to dry or put in a dryer, dry in a low drier. Do not iron.

They need to cold washed, up to 40º but they can be putted in the washing machine. Before washing them, we can throw them into the basin, while we shower, so they can be rinsed without many effort and spending extra unnecessary water. I already used to do this and clean the towels with my feet while I shower.

I was advise to have about 9/10 pads for a period cycle, maybe a combo box, a regular one and a super but it will really depend on the flow of each one or how many days you have your period.

I bought three combo packs, to share with my sister. I think I'll have to get more if I like them! 

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